• Natural Resources Management

  • Socio-economic & Scientific Studies

  • Public Consultation & Communication


Many of our projects involve needs analysis and research:

  • Pulling together or writing related reports
  • Conducting interviews, surveys or other liaison
  • Collecting, analyzing and synthesizing information to develop perspective from jurisdictional reviews, best practices, case studies, or lessons learned that would support decision-making or refinements to strategy.
  • Analyzing information collected and providing recommendations for moving forward (e.g., options, risk vs benefits, gap analysis, etc.).

Your Advantages

We allow you to apply your precious time and resources to activities that advance your business goals.

  • We understand your complex and diverse challenges.
  • We have the knowledge, expertise and creativity to tackle your difficult environmental issues and develop appropriate strategies.
  • We see the big picture, the parts, and the gaps.
  • We do your challenging work with fast turnaround, thoroughly, carefully and with high quality to give you the insight you need.
  • We listen to you and pay attention to your needs.
  • Our recommendations are backed up with clear and thoughtful reasoning.
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