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Socio-economic Studies

This page provides a quick listing of some of our work that involves socio-economic research and analysis. For more details, click on the green button or contact us.  


Environment Canada

  • Capacity assessment, quality assurance program review, and market needs assessmentDetails
  • Environmental, social, cultural and economic issues in northern Canada
  • Chemicals management (background/use studies on various substances)
  • Used/waste crankcase oil management
  • Toxics management (secondary metal production)
  • Hazardous wastes and hazardous recycling materials management



  • Socio-economic research on road extension 
  • Socio-economic research on gas pipeline development
  • Socio-economic research on water pipeline development
  • Socio-economic research on municipal water use
  • Three Gorges Dam socio-economic information brief