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Natural Resources Management

This page provides a quick listing of some of our work in the natural resources management area. For more details, click on the green buttons or contact us.  

Fisheries & Oceans Canada / Environment Canada

  • Aquaculture management (finfish and shellfish)Details
  • Aquatic animal health activities reviewDetails
  • Coastal zone management Details
  • Annual and other reporting (Federal Contaminated Sites Action Plan) Details
  • Priority setting and gap analysis for science researchDetailsStormwater management (mitigation measures)DetailsWatershed managementDetails
  • Atmospheric change and biodiversityDetails
  • Environmental, social, cultural and economic issues in northern CanadaDetails

Regional Government

  • Drinking water quality (taste and odour)
  • Socio-economic research on a water pipeline project
  • Wastewater treatment (odour issues)

Municipal Government

  • Water quality improvementDetails
  • Development on and protection of Oak Ridges Moraine
  • Waterfront recreation master planning

Ontario Power Authority

  • Strategic environmental assessment (natural resources components) 


  • Stormwater management (organic contamination)Details
  • Fisheries (fish feeding behaviour) 
  • Article on Jacques Cousteau (Encyclopedia of Global Environmental Change)Details
  • Socio-economic research on municipal water use
  • Three Gorges Dam socio-economic information brief